Transino White C Clear Whitening Supplement 120 tablets


Whitening supplement for spots, freckles and pigmentation due to sun exposure or rash.

240mg of L-cysteine for suppressing excessive melanin production combination with 1000mg vitamin C works against melanin spots deposited in the skin supports and promote the excretion of melanin, helps skin renewal formulated vitamin B2, vitamin E as well.

- Reduce Pigment, freckles, pigmentation due to sunburn / rash
- Prevent Bleeding from gums, nasal bleeding
- Supplementation of vitamin C during physical fatigue, pregnancy / breast feeding, physical fitness after disease during disease, old age

4 tablets a day (2 tablets after breakfast & dinner) w/ cold or warm water

Please note: Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to consult their doctors before consuming any supplement.

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