LuLuLun Plus The Power Mask


Plus 10-Piece Variety Sheet Mask contains:

Plus Aroma Oil Mask (Clary Sage) x 1 pc - sage from France to clear your mind
Plus Aroma Oil Mask (Lavender) x 1 pc - lavender from France to heal and dream
Plus Aroma Oil Mask (Lemon Grass) x 1 pc - lemongrass from India to give you a positive mind
Plus Aroma Oil Mask (Rose) x 1 pc - rose from Bulgaria to feel sexy
Plus Aroma Oil Mask (Yuzu) x 1 pc - yuzu from Kochi, Japan, to get rid of worries and give you hope
Plus Weekly Face Mask (Fresh Red) x 1 pc - Acerola from Okinawa for a clear and bright skin.
Plus Weekly Face Mask (Homeo-Age) x 1 pc - Extract from seaweed from France for deep nutrition and aging care.
Plus Weekly Face Mask (Smooth Gold) x 1 pc - Silk from Thailand for aging care and glow.
Plus Weekly Face Mask (Sunny Day) x 1 pc
Plus Weekly Face Mask (Sweet Drop) x 1 pc - Honey from New Zealand for deep moisture.



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