LuLuLun Cleansing Balm


Melt smoothly and off at once. With a rich balm type cleansing with plenty of oil, you can remove eye makeup and lip makeup all at once, as well as a foundation and sunscreen that won't break down.

Gentle when placed on the skin. Adopts a card house manufacturing method in which make-off ingredients are wrapped in plant wax. Since the makeup-off ingredient does not touch the skin directly, it stretches to make it gentle when placed on the skin and remains moist after moisturizing.

The beauty serum ingredients are also luxuriously charged! Carefully selected beauty ingredients based on advanced skin research to keep your skin healthy. In addition, plant-derived ingredients that focus on pore care are also luxuriously formulated. Wash on smooth and smooth skin.

☑ Made in Japan ☑ Fragrance-free ☑ Artificial Coloring-free
☑ Alcohol-free ☑ Mineral Oil-free ☑ Allergy-tested

Best for an effective formula for double cleansing

What's in the Box: (1) x LuLuLun Cleansing Balm
Net Weight: 90g
Ingredients: Royal Epigen, Legsense, Minipolyl



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