Flowfushi MOTE Mascara NATURAL 02 Comb Separate [Black]


Natural 2 Comb Separate [Black] is features an ultra-thin space (0.18mm) between comb bristles. This feature cultivates finely separated and luxuriously long lashes.
Achieve a natural look of refined and longer lashes with this easy-to-use mascara.
This fine-comb mascara brush has the thinnest of spaces (0.18mm) between comb bristles. Creates finely separated, long lashes.
This mascara contains 120% more Endmineral® than leading brands to not only beautify your lashes but also to nourish the eyelids and lash roots. Combining the technology of a waterproof mascara and a film-type mascara, WP Film® gives lashes the best curl and high resistance against water, sweat and sebum. 100% special order "SmartBrush®" is used for all MOTEMASCARA products.


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