Cremorlab Skin Renewal Toner (150ml)


Enhance your skin with Cremorlab Skin Renewal Toner, for comforted, soothed skin with a youthful glow. Mineral-rich thermal water and skin energy enhancers rejuvenate and refresh the skin, improving skin health and increasing radiance.

Ashitaba and Birch Extract help calm, comfort and soothe skin while adding hydration and elasticity. Cremorlab Skin Renewal Toner has a rich, essence-like texture that glides onto skin and allows the hydrating ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin, without leaving a sticky feeling. Dry, dehydrated and dull skin is transformed into radiant, hydrated and smoothed skin. What are the Features and Benefits of Cremorlab Skin Renewal Toner? Radiance-boosting toner Rich in mineral water Improves skin texture and tone Increases radiance and hydration Comforts and smooths ski.


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