"Revealing the best and most beautiful you!"

RMK is a unique cosmetics line that holds firm roots within the New York make-up artistry scene and is carefully brought to life in dedicated laboratories in Japan.
Seasonal collections, a vibrant spectrum of eyeshadow, cheek colours and lipsticks, fresh scents, natural edible ingredients, technologically advanced foundations and skincare. All of these rich and diverse elements are carefully put together to create RMK, with every product designed to create a feast for the senses, is simple and fun to use and above all delivers professional results.

Other than the bursting assortment of colours from our core collection to seasonal trend led collections, RMK has been known for the brand's signature dewy natural glowing translucent skin.
RMK Liquid Foundation which launched in 1997 made its mark in the beauty industry with a completely new take on the way the "skin" looks and feels.

The look of foundation layered skin was exchanged with a new proposal of naturally perfect-looking dewy skin. The Liquid Foundation concealed all imperfections that was yet so natural in finish that the wearer seemed makeup free.
The RMK Base makeup range has evolved to deliver this finish to cater to all skin types and specifications.

RMK's Delicious Skincare draws on the powers of carefully selected edible sources to synthesize and nurture the earth's goodness to strengthen your skin's innate ability to beautify itself. The regime offers "simple application yet powerful results" to tailor to all lifestyles and skin types.

RMK is now one of the leading cosmetics brands in the Beauty industry, and the top selling Makeup Artist brand in Japan. Come and experience the wonder of RMK in our doors all over Japan and in other seven countries.

Makeup exists to express individuality, and to create looks that speak of modern sensuality and sophisticated glamour; asserting and completing your individuality in the world.



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