Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette, Corrector Shades (#30277)


Graftobian's Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are formulated to yield flawless High Definition results whether or not you're in front of a camera. With rich color and coverage yet satin smooth creamy consistency, our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are a pleasure to work with. We have provided you with a very attractive package to pull out of your kit on the set to correct for blemishes or for discoloration neutralization purposes. 


Contains the following shades:

  • Soft Orange Neutral - blue neutralizer
  • Yellow Hi-Lite - cancels deep red and purple
  • Muted Green - removes redness
  • Pink Hi-Lite - counteracts grey or brown
  • Extra Hi-Lite - a light highlighter

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Sold Out